Project of long-term storage and making records accessible electronically

Projekt CHIMERA In compliance with the Government Decree No.11 from 7 January 2004, the National Archives was authorized through the Ministry of the Interior to collect the bases of documentation for a selection procedure connected with the decision about a researcher of the project on long-term storage and making archival documents accessible in a digital form.

The complete proposed documentation will reflect needs assumed by the workplace dealing with electronic documents of the NA, as well as it may be inspired by studying experiences of foreign colleagues, then strategic needs of national character in the sphere of archives, information technology and public administration. At the end of the route to formulating principles of electronic archiving in the Czech Republic there should be an automated, secure and usable system to administrate the digital heritage of our republic.

In connection with fulfilling the aforementioned Decree, a specialized workplace was established at the beginning of 2005 within the scope of 5th department, the task of which has been acquisition, storage and making accessible the electronic documents which arise at the originators belonging to the NA competences. In the beginning, the four employees are to prepare necessary source materials for the project and the following implementation of technological equipment of the workplace. The workplace is supposed to provide in the future (especially methodically) a long-term storage of electronic kind of records in the nationwide scale. At present, research is being done into electronic documents in several institutions with the target to find out what kind of electronic documents originate there, and which of them are possible future records.

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